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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Thursday, March 25, 2010

For MJ ( A Catharsis, of sorts)

 For You, Michael Angel,
I composed these thoughts, 
during a Twitter-based WordPlay...

The Word of the Day was 

This is for you, angel,
whose Soul touched mine,
when 1st I saw you on Ed Sullivan,
when I was even littler than you...


Woman heard the news, dropped to their knees, wailed. 
Memories of a man in Gold,
his smile, a Star... 
Archipelago of tears 

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul 

He knew Now was not yet Time for Rest;
if he hovered slightly Above, 
he could comfort them;
He hopped into each tiny teardrop puddle.

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul  

His graceful movements 
touched their sweet sad smiles with iridescent Light;
his image scattered in a soft dance, 
an Archipelago of Color,
Shadow and Light 
"in the Round"...

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul 

We immortalize his Song, his Light;
we cannot let him go.
Nature Mother soothes us,
creates an archipelago of Dreams for us to follow.

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul

Dreams of you Inspire our tears to fall, 
you dance for us Forever
 The sweet Mother 
blankets our tears with your Rainbows

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul

Scattered Dreams follow her to Morn 
- He is *Not* -  Again.
"Return, My Prince," she mourns, but solace lies, 
abundant supply, only within
archipelagos of Dreams.

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul

  Blue Muse Dance upon my roof,
soft Orb opens, weeping Sky; 
his eyes shine,
deep dark diamonds form:
Stars scatter in
Archipelago, Key of G

RIP most gentle, kindest Soul

for Michael Jackson, Immortal Angel, Muse

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010 TwitteringTweeties

Haunted eyes sway "Autumn Leaves" 
upon my grandma's piano; 
harpsichord harmonizes,
plays Light upon an...entrance? exit?

In honor of Pi Day! :)  Kate Bush, "Pi"


artwiculate: "YesterNight"  ("yesternight")
Dreams of Yesternight blur to
sleepy slow-mo Film, dying Art. 
I weep for my childhood, 
I miss my grandparents, who took me to the Fair.

Yesternight slept more peacefully, 
but *this* Night may exhaust us, 
due to Spring's Arrival & Time leap!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ezmeralda, The Spider Chronicles...Unravelling

EZMERALDA, HippySpider, began to speak to CherylFaith on Twitter,
in a WordPlay called @Artwiculate ( )
Using Artwiculate's Word of the Day,
CherylFaith spoke about her eccentric HippySpider Friend,
& her various colourful Adventures.

Ezmeralda & CherylFaith now vie for the computer,
as Ezmeralda has decided to add Writing to 
her vast array of activities.
She is multi-talented.
She'll tell you more later...

If you're confused re: who is speaking,
please return to us;
We are in the process of working out who will speak when...

MANY Additional (Recent) 
Postings by & concerning Ezmeralda, HippySpider,
are undergoing revisions...
Please come back & visit me...soon.... :)

Thank you so very much for Reading!  :)


I finally have my *own* Twitter account...
I snuck on here while she was picking up the little one from school...
I'm a fabulously sneaky little diva
you never know where I'll be found...
why not take a little peek...behind you....around you...
I do so like to

@TiddK  ...  I send you much Love & I owe you "something green"... I never forget friends who encourage me... :) 

The Spider Chronicles...UnRavelling...

Please feel free to leave comments on site.Eng/Span.~Thank You So Much!

(began with plays on Words, from Twitter's Artwiculate) 
Huge Gaps here. Please read between the lines! :) Updates soon!

April 2010

  • Since age *tiny,* I've been afraid of Spiders.
    I must have mentioned this to you 180 times by now,
    sans mythomania
    I shall count later

  • Ezmeralda, HippySpider smiles at me & declares: 
    "You are my pet!" Her 16 legs (no mythomania; old eyeglasses),
    dangle in lamp's ambience.

At it again, are you,sneaky little Spider!
She sits & weaves,taciturn in Shadows

  • I love my wicked-sweet pal, Ezme,
    whose 8-freakySwirly-limbed Presence keeps me on my toes.
    Please don't call her a product of my Mythomania

  • Ezmeralda says "I'm a closet nymphomaniac."
    Crazy HippySpider weaves Brilliantly-be-Jeweled webs;
    her yarns be-speak her Mythomania -c Life.

March 12, 2010

Zelda Esmeralda is more zealous than
your average hippy Spider;
she  tieDyed her silky threads,
before weaving them into darkest corners,
to bring babies smiles

Zealous little Spider waves a twirly leg at me,
as she begins to weave another whimsical Web. 
She's a crafty spider & her work is obsessive!

 March 13, 2010 

Esmeralda, the Zealous Hippy Spider,  changed in Dreams 
& She  has been Colorized!
Today, she twirls limbs of purple & Gold at me,
from one of her woven haunts

Esme the Spider is a spectacle to observe, 
as her pandiculation displays
8 gold & purple limbs, 
reaching out
toward Spring's Silent Sun.

March 14, 2010

 Maybe you think I'm crazy; Ezmeralda the Spider does not! 
In a corner,she winks at me, 
intoning tales of Ancient Arachnid ritual.
She weaves.   

My gratitude to Ezmeralda, Mama Spider,
who helps cure me of Arachnopobia,
by weaving multi-colored clothes of silk, 
to make us babies laugh.  

YesterNight, Ezme, Arachnid Spidey,
tie-dyed 8 silky skeins,
beneath 18th century wooden eaves;
she sang me ancient Arachnid lore.
Blessed I!  


March 15, 2010

Ezmeralda,Hippy Spider,whispered to me all Morning. 
She's swathed herself in gems, 
tiny little golden/purple flourescent Spidey jewels.

Ezme claims her boyfriend was not parsimonious; 
he gave her jewels, his Heart, his Love, his Life; 
then she killed & swallowed him whole!

Ezmeralda regrets not her crime,
views it as necessity-
she has time to craft splendorous, be-jewelled webs 
in every secret corner.

What, Ezmeralda? 
I am parsimonious with your computer time?!
Imagine a Hippy Spider,
each lithe limb swathed in tye-die splendour, typing!

400,000,000 Yrs ago,Spiders left The Seas;
their new Home made them parsimonious-
no sharing of silk!
Protection for their bodies & babes

Ezmeralda is educating me on the History of Arachnids.
Imagine! 2 Days past,
her tiny quiet presence filled me with trembling fear.

March 16, 2010

Ezme,Hippy Spider, beFriended me,
but Today arachnophobia shot me a newly wicked blow.
I shall be parsimonious in my Spidey praise for eons

I'm sorry, Ezme- your vibes are PureLight;
you glitter Iridescent beauty,whisper lovely lore, 
but still- I'm afraid!
I'll need more - your patience,please.

Ezme,please don't believe I'm parsimonious 
if I don't sing your praises for a Day or so; 
I must first confront my SpiderFear. :(

   March 17, 2010

Ezmeralda, HippySpiderFriend, whispers "Don't fear me,please." 
She flashes bejeweled tieDye Dreams,
8 multi-colored dancing limbs.

I can overcome my arachnophobia, she sings,
if I let our friendship grow.
She of crazy-colored whirling legs
is fungible with no other spider

Ezme, I must sleep,but you glow in your corner.
I'm your NIghtLight,dear girl,her whisper sweet.
Absorb my colors;
your Sleep will be Divine.
Please feel free to leave comments on site.Eng/Span.~Thank You So Much!

March 18, 2009
The Spider Chronicles for Today. :) Hope everyone has a beautiful Day!
Lovely #artwiculate people: If I don't RT you,means I'm away Today.

I search corners, floor (oh no!) ceiling, calling,
"Ezme, Ezme, sorry I was afraid of you! 
Where have you gone?" 
I don't Sleep
I'm desperate! 
Afraid to discover my beloved little leggy pal
has fled to the homeland of her mother, England?
Ezmeralda,where are you?!

Phone jangles! 6AM! 
Been up all Night, looking for Ezme.
Operator sings with a brogue.
I accept the charges, 
to hear the wispywebby webbywhispery
voice of Ezme.  
Ezme's on holiday in Daddy-Long-Legs' Land; 
she'll return singing colorful songs, intoned for her fun,
in her affected, whispery brogue. 

Thanks so much 4 RTs, sweetyHearts. 
Ezme smiles &waves @ you w/all 8 spidey limbs!

@kado56 As you know, Ezme is touring the UK;
I pray she shall soon be in touch transAtlantically, 
& I will definitely ask her re: cocoons :)
Ezme's penchant for strong, rich Patchouli essential oil 
sends other HippyCreatures 
racing down supermarket aisles 
to sniff her.
Imagine irredescent 8-legged Ezme, seated in a pub,
weaving webs & yarns with 8 Irish mates,(64 legs!);
they all have a penchant for Spider Brogue.
@AshikOnFire Ezme whispers in your ear:
"Nothing to forgive, matey." :) xx
@kado56 Are you certain you'd like a cocoon? 
She has a penchant for
wrapping prey in her multi-colored cocoons...
@kado56 As Ezmeralda *is* an ArachnoidHippy, she may consider leaving you sans munching, & seeing you safely Home,wrapped in Green. :) 
via web  :)  in reply to kado56

Jangling phone-MidNight! Ezme!
Pissed in a pub in the suburbs of Dublin! SpiderPal,
beware of randy blokes
with a penchant for Smart Flakey Spiders. 

1st time I met Ezme, I screamed @bluesonicboy,
"Get her outside, eek! No!! Don't kill her, just please get her out!" 
I had no penchant 4 spiders.

@osmarjardim I have always had
a *strong* aversion to spiders. 
Ezmeralda has arrived 
to help me cure my phobia. {waves at you} :)
More Adventures of Esmeralda, the HippySpider, to Follow!
You never know what that girl may do...or where she may go...perhaps you ought to check your corners......
But be *Not* afraid...
She's Rich! ---Well,  she's "Rich" with Colours & $.


CherylFaith says: "Please stay tuned..." & Thank You for Reading & Imagining!


Ezmeralda, HippySpider smiles at me & declares: 
"You are my pet!"
Her 16 legs (no mythomania; old eyeglasses),
dangle in lamp's ambience.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring : The Return

Spring smiles, Days early. Patchy muddy Snow mounts pose 
upon Her still sleeping Green, 
unaware & proud of their jaunty juxtaposition.