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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Thursday, December 27, 2012


swollen scarlet float a'blush in Rain
virtuously, silently grows the verdant Grain;
a crimson field smiles; petals open, new;
I smile, a child, beneath the swarms of June

Bloom! (your petals still intact, your Song)
I come, disguised as Moon amidst fresh freeze;
my Light doth flicker; soft, scarlet heads weep:
"BeLoved, long we've waited for thy smile;
Thine eyes a'shine with MoonBurst, caught inside;
sweet Rounds: we're grown plush cushions for your Light!
Our sole desire: we thieve away thy pain,
to bounce your aches to Venus' new-borne babe!"
Venus' cradle embraces thy babe;
Two Cherubs beam Joy - two pure Hearts seem saved;
Softly, sink thee into pillows aglow,
Lit by flamed flowers whose name you don't know
  (oh so well...oh so well...oh so well...
so well you remember now;
you doth know our hold) 
swelled scarlet eiderdown whispers your name;
"Welcome, dear angel - tis Time you remain"

one tiny tear shines upon her doll's cheek, as she sinks, 
she succombs,
a porcelain creature without motion;
deeply, she inhales dark scarlet satin-silk songs
she is home, she is gone, she succombs
face flat down,
her lashes are moist in sweet ether-Mourn's dew
into poppies
words hath flown free;

"aaahhh," she breathes
in supplication
into red flowers;
into a different Dawn

Saturday, December 22, 2012

a Prayer to ~run instead of to `trudge

Off the top of my head, upon awakening from a strange sleep with
 James D. Morrison whispering in my Mind...
He asked me, "Did you have a good Life when you died?"  
His actual Poetic Words are: "Did you have a good World when you died..."

I haven't died, but I have been "trudging"...I know I'm not alone. 
Tomorrow, I wish to run! 
I wish to be lighter, to allow myself to feel the ever present Joy within me...
"How's it going, CherylFaith," asks digitally-Souled FaceBook. Then I must remind me, Facebook is not merely "digitally-Souled;" in actuality, all Social Media moves by the Minds of Humans. 
We make the game as we trudge along. But no! The people who move machines trudge not! We run! Tomorrow, I do not want to "trudge." I want to feel Joy as I haven't in awhile...

I pray my Heart holds the ability to reach people all over the Universe; 
I pray to heal, to soothe. I am so very tiny, though. Yet all of us, ~Together... 
We caress each others' Hearts. I know I seem to ramble here...
I believe this is a prayer that we "Awake!" (allusion to JD Morrison, Eternal Poet);
 that we move our Hearts in care for each other, brothers and sisters everywhere; 
that we find the Joy to caress the tear on a grieving mother's face;
that we save each others' very Lives.

My Mind sees so many faces for Gratitude... 
I am grateful to you for your Read of the ramble I wrote.
 I am grateful to you for your humour, your acceptance, your tolerance, for the Joys you share. 
I love how you "run" sometimes, rather than "trudge," although we all sometimes "trudge". 

May we continue to move, in directions positive, 
even when nothing makes sense, even when nothing rhymes....
HeartVibes...♥ CherylFaith

Thursday, December 20, 2012

a New Shakespearean Tragedy unfolds... :)

THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR comes to the New York stage!

Opening March 22, 2013 at

TBG Theatre

312 West 36th Street


by The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project

please click for details!

Many thanks to all you wonderful people who have supported the Project with your kind thoughts and/or monetary donations.

***GUERRILLA SHAKESPEARE can still use your help: 

(posted early January, 2013)
Please Click here to save the Bard!
 ToDay be this campaign's final Day ! 

Continue Shakespeare's Legacy!
Run, Run, Run with that torch! :) 
Please know you are important
The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project proclaims:

" This is our first time venturing from the safety of Shakespeare's established canon; our first time working with a living playwright; our first WORLD PREMIERE; our first venue within
spitting distance of Times Square. "

The Players are "...seduced by {THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR'S} beauty, power, and unpredictability..." So are the Readers!

The Project: a collaboration borne between the ingenious Minds of Modern-Day Scribe extraordinaire, Arthur Phillips, and the revolutionary members of the GSP.

Be a part of Literary/Theatrical History! 

above photo: The Bard, Sir Arthur Phillips

Did you know you can hold 
a A lofty place in History/Herstory, 
the memory, the certainty, of your Golden kiss 
upon the Immortalization of *Fine* Universal Culture? 

above photo: The Players, The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project :   please click below to see more!

The amazing, Ingenious, Inimitable, Breathtaking: 
Bard of Brooklyn  

please click below to see his website

So cool! Auditions for a NY Production! BroadWay soon!! 
Guerrilla Shakespeare's Ad for Auditions!!

    The ~Amazing~ Guerrilla Shakespeare Project hard at work...down to the nitty gritty...
all that paperwork, the necessary fundraising for the Immortality of The Arts...

The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project hard at work.
"Congratulations to the 50 companies who were awarded 4500 free rehearsal hours in Round One of the 2013 Creative Space Grant program...."
"The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project was awarded a grant from 
The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York
 with support by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation!!!"

" The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project approaches every Shakespeare play as a new play. GSP fosters a vibrant, passionate, visceral connection between actor and audience to make inventive and immediate American theatre from classical works. Struggling always for simplicity and precision, our company pro.... "
Arthur Phillips Reading from THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR in Greenwich Village, NYC, April 2011

Arthur Phillips Reading at Sleepy Hollow, NY (further upstate), October 2011

Follow that Bard! Arthur Phillips on Twitter.

Arthur Phillips is neither a relative nor my employer! 
I have been present at three of his Readings, however, and
he is a humble, kind-Hearted person.
I promote Mr Phillips because he is simply (complicatedly)
The Greatest Scribe of Our Times. 
 I am 100% certain his name and his Art shall be Immortal.

*~*~*Please make a donation, correspondent to your means, to assure that this
imaginative, lofty Project achieves Fruition: 


Please donate a smaller visiting Guerrilla Shakespeare's site,
*Every* donation counts: *~You~* are ~Important~
By donating $1 or $20, 000,
you can proclaim yourself as a person who has helped to perpetuate Literary/Theatrical His/Herstory.

Many thanks, much Love out to a World which needs Joy to spread...
My personal hope is that somehow every positive we do for another Living Being 
shall result in healing, somewhere,
shall help to bring Peace to our Universe... 
Heart to all, CherylFaith

*ps  as of  27 December, 2012:

  an auspicious date has been chosen for
 "the first NEW Shakespeare in 400 years" GSP