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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows’ Eve (Dedicated to TamEva Le Fay)

All Hallows' Eve 
                              (Dedicated to TamEva Le Fay)

Whose dervish dance do I see outside my window,
swaying the tallest Tree?
Royalty, in her sweet, kind-Hearted presence... 

Her lush velveteen skirts, golden burnt sienna.

Her Royal Highness has disguised Herself,
...a graceful old Oak...
I glimpsed her ethereal smile in spaces
where yesterday lived Leaves.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos by TamEva Le Fay (Original Photo by Robin)

With Much Love & Gratitude
To my BeLoved SoulMate, Robin,
please click above for Robin's Flickr
& to my Angelic, Magickal Friend,
 TamEva Le Fay
please click above to enter a Fantasy

You Two Conjur Loving Magick...


I emerge, Wakeful,
as I do upon
so many  tapestried Nights.
The Words must be confessed.

A Star Falls down steep silent stairs, 
Spinning, Splitting particles, 
Gifts bestowed by goddesses who say they knew me
Had they known me then,
I'd have been whole ToDay.
Had they loved me, as they say,
My memory would shine clean and 
I'd not have needed to learn to pray again...
Mothers, Sisters, pierce me with your sparks,
that they may dance inside your eyes;
Show you the Day
They arrived, 1985,
Tiny round Creatures;
Remind you of the dirty Day
I discovered their haunting presence
would shadow me for ever.

...catch of a shivery Eve...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I discovered DK was Following me;

I wrote frantically afrenzied, 
for the next ten minutes, 
my thoughts coming a million times faster than my fingers could type,
or my lemons could burn.

A few of them make nonsense, but who cares,
if I receive the food, & down it goes 
here into the page for
you & the roses.

The one about the lemons was supposed to be really different, she mused, but I screwed up.

Rain slashed the Mountain View & the yodelers felt frantically forced to  find shelter among the EmptySpaces

"Her mind joplted at the impact with the star northernmost,
after a Night spent dreaming in your fur, " she said.

"I know perfectly your meaning, when you say this man/woman named Shortsmag honors you b following you. 
I wonder if she's trying to "tweet," 
says one to one. 
Four Hundred Forty Eight is such a numeral beautiful. 
I love her "Round;" her face, her sonorous, boldly intoned Voice

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Excerpts from The Spirits series

These verses (my site Entire) are but *~*~*excerpts*~*~* ....
for that reason, I say this is
my Poetry "Workshop" 
These are Musings,
many of them based upon hastily scrawled Twitterings.
Unless I've written otherwise,
these are separate thoughts,
*Not* Connected to each other

Earth broke free of trampling eyes
Rounded,  laughing,  Moonward-bound
Swirled in Skies She knew in Dreams
Ghosted kisses freed on High


and Now I go to Live my Life
to Love my sweet and tiny boy
whose eyes shine diamonds,swirling globes

whose Life I'm Gifted, his Soul to Guard


 MORE    Twitterings        October 24, 2010

often, I feel the edges blur
I scream her name, I nearly see
 Then I move my eyes to dread!
 my own reflection snears at me!


I am not really here.  I told you I had to leave.  I am not she.
Time thieved her away to..
To where?
The knife in the 
dark sliced away Moments 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cloud Musings

scattered Twitterings of October 2010, To Be Revised & Continued

My feet forgot their rhythm
Here I seek my wings 
I float on the cusp of a Wave of Dreams
Deep in the Mouth of a Cold scowling Cloud


Grim Dark Cloud, my blanket? 
Love: I worship you, but feel alone
Move me over to your cheery lover
 please Shine for me  


I seek the Cloud of iridescent DreamTime rivulets,
Sleepy Sister with your teasey wide-eyed grin,
she who sees where Dawn's PromiseEnergy flows

Raspy gusts of burnt sienna shake inside the trees;
Clouds smile down in languid humor
Ensue caresses sweet. 

Trees tire of costume preening?
Stumble, twirl,
thru the ColorSweet Tumble of
their nearing Sleep!
Hush... tiny "Count" sings,
"Trick or Treat"

Breathe Her haunting bittersweet, 
her musky kisses, dropping leaves
Tumble into ColorStorm 
til She shrouds the ground in silent freeze

I Hear These Nature Mother Songs

Only 2 of  Nature Mother's Love Songs 

Raspy gusts of burnt sienna shake inside the trees;
Clouds smile down in languid humor
Ensue caresses sweet. 

Breathe Her haunting bittersweet, 
her musky kisses, dropping leaves
Tumble into ColorStorm 
til She shrouds the ground in silent freeze

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaves In Tears

Friends, please look up & get ready to catch vibes of Love & Peace & Care, from a girl behind the screen. I wish you all SparklingMoments :)

beneath lies my 5-minute Word challenge, testament to zero Time for a frustrated mommy.Love my Life, tho. Each Moment holds gleaming Mystery

I wish not to think "Death in my hand"
 rather reach for a falling Leaf,
in certain Knowledge 
I will smile again at Colors with him,
for neverending years

Rainbows silently sing TreeSongs, 

raise vari-Colored Love to heal an ailing Autumn World?
He reaches a tiny hand, 
blind to crumbled crackly rouged death

Why do Days move like leaves scatter down my road,

tumblin' toward freeze?
No rake, no forget-
Spring's arms yet may show their Golden Green

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All you see or feel here...

All who see or feel upon this tattered page
...please know
"We'll soon become
Creations new 
We pray sweet Muses 
your eyes to shine
to fret not "Time!"
to hear our prayer...

Gift passage, 
for your Words to flow
Sea Breezes sweet, Air Fresh with Love
Night Creatures swarm-ed
from Circles Old
to Dance upon my Stories here
on new Live feet,
electrified fingers who move with our Minds
Once again...

Upon a New Page...."
coming soon, revisions, a totally New Page....Thank You for being here, Sisters & Brothers