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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrate Life! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ellis Island

***This piece was written around the Word, "brusque,"
in a Word-of-the-Day game on Twitter, (where I am known as ChayaChaya)
The subject matter here bespeaks no "game," and shall be revised.*****


My Nightmare - brusque hands upon my body, stripping dignity,
Great-grandma's thoughts live inside me.
I'm a Survivor of gene-locked fear

I live to message Peace to all,
yet shun my own Heritage oftimes,
claim my culture, deny myself my religion.
Beautiful Traditions...I know we must preserve.

My grandma's cousin,her Aunty Chickie ?,
 gassed in an oven, in another time, a foreign place.
My legacy, but SS voices brusque- so surreal.?

Brusque voice in my Ancestral ears;
"Where are your papers?!"
Echoes down chains of genes, 
Nightmares for a child of 8.

"She's too young," my Nina cries.

Ancestors tumble off ship onto Land
disarrayed clothes & feelings.
Man at the desk brusquely barks,"Name!"
Our Family's Name ForEver changed

Ellis Island welcomes you!
WearyEyed Frightened peasants, Hearts of Hope,
Home, an aching Dream.

Brusque voice pronounces Beginnings...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2010 in Twitter's Artwiculate

  • CHayaCHaya's  posts on Artwiculate, Spring 2009 

    April 12& 13, 2010 
    ***Note: I cannot seem to remove the numbers on the lines. I've done it before. Now I'm simply Sleepy. Will check it out again asap. I need to sleep & wake too soon. 

    ****Thank You, Reader.
    Please comment, even if you dislike. You will help me. Mil gracias!

    BlueBlack rounds blaze the Circle w/Vari-Colored Light;
    TruthTalks with Moon, 
    conversation wildly silent, 
    taciturn tapestry of her Life. 

    I'm addicted to Artwiculate,
    Grateful for your Gift: 
    you helped to break my taciturn Writing Voice.
    For you, my Words are sweet,never brusque  
    My boy has Trisomy 21. 
    With the smarts of all your children, 
    with us, his crazy parents, 
    he shall answer brusquely worded stereotypes 
    with a smile, & he shall succeed. 
    Pride-we need our Traditions. 
    Tho one Day, we are all shades, brown, green?
    People,  All,  Past hurts by brusque words, brutal acts- 
    Be Agents of Change.
    Mirror shows me, age 8
    beaten by brusque screams.Her Dreams splattered: I become. ?
    Wish I could have un-entrapped you.  
    Still I know you love me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. @flypixie123 
    2. Lovely Lady, your Future glows
    3. like a FireFly on a soft Summer Night. 
    4. I will be listening.My warmest wishes fly to you.

    5. @flypixie123 
    6. Sharon's mellifluous vocals refresh my Senses.
    7. Her notes caress;I relax!

    April 11, 2010

                                            RT mosessedler
    The dreamtime tending - 
    who sings to my soul at night -
    can't I remember?
    Have Amazon open to your recommendation,& 
    will check library tomorrow! 
    Seeing you like this Book, perhaps you'd enjoy PRAGUE 1st. DM

    1. @navinsasikumar 
    2. Yes, I really want to do this with all my Heart...
    3. but I fear I'd need to be a Vamyre. :)
    4. You are sweet! 

    5. @Ysabeluna You're an angel. :)

    6. @silverne Por que "palabra es pobre" ? 
    7. Me imagino que posiblemente entiendo, pero no estoy seguro. abrazos 

    8. @osmarjardim Your Tropical Island hat...
    9. how could it go un-noticed?! :)
    10. Adorable! 

    11. @osmarjardim Thank You. :) She may also be on an Island, one might say.

    12. @osmarjardim @Wifsie @kado56 
    13. ThankYou for angel RTs.I have a few more than usual 2 thank & will do so asap.) You are all truly lovely Souls 

    14. @Wifsie  

    15. & no, I am not related to him; I simply (complicatedly) appreciate amazing Writing.

    16. I've read all his books & want to re-read them all again now! I know many of you would appreciate his style

    17. Mr. Phillips-one of the most amazing Authors I've ever had the privilege to read.His most recent,THE SONG IS YOU,now out in paperback.

    18. My fave contemporary author, Arthur Phillips, is surely a bit of a mythomania -c;   
    19. read his EGYPTOLOGIST to understand my words here.

  • Pseudologia Fantastica sounds lovely! 
    However, w/a Word like mythomania in the mix, perhaps
    Psychadelica Fantastica might also suit?

  • @osmarjardim 
    Sr.osmarjardim, have you been crowned by an Island,
    or is it my propensity for mythomania 
    to jump to such a conclusion?

  • Since age *tiny,* I've been afraid of Spiders.
    I must have mentioned this to you 180 times by now,
    sans mythomania
    I shall count later

  • Ezmeralda, HippySpider smiles at me & declares: 
    "You are my pet!" Her 16 legs (no mythomania; old eyeglasses),
    dangle in lamp's ambience.

  • Billions of Thanks for sweetest RTs. 
    I believe mythomania is among my favorite Words. 
    I guess you know more about me, now. :) 

  • I shall Love my @bluesonicboy into ForEvers of Eternities,
    cleave to him wherever SecretSacredLife takes us.
    MySoulMate, sans mythomania.

  • @navinsasikumar 
    Do I detect a bit of mythomania 
    in your "getting old waiting" tweet? :)

  • My Beloved @bluesonicboy- now a contender!
    He'll likely tweet Artwiculatey the Night entire.
    No Mythomania; we are both so obsessive!

  • @bluesonicboy heads home f/work,his foot glued to the pedal!
    He speeds fast as his Formula 1 Dreams; 
    fearfully, I speak sans mythomania.

  • Mommy balances 1800 hats upon her drowsy head. 
    I don't know if that's actually a Mythomania -c statement... 
    I must wear @ least 18

  • @asim7asim 
    Awesome=you, not I! 
    Challenge to prepare to Twitter-
    rambunctious 6-yr-old boy here!
    Don't elaborate?!?
    I'm playing in a Mythomania contest! :)

  • @asim7asim @Wifsie 
    I could say I've tried to be briefer 18 million times, 
    but I'd be indulging in more Mythomania.

  • I love my wicked-sweet pal, Ezme,
    whose 8-freakySwirly-limbed Presence keeps me on my toes.
    Please don't call her a product of my Mythomania

  • Ezmeralda says "I'm a closet nymphomaniac."
    Crazy HippySpider weaves Brilliantly-be-Jeweled webs;
    her yarns be-speak her Mythomania -c Life.

  • Live in Mythomania -Land for a teensy while. 
    Exaggerate to others who frequent that GoldenLand;
    those who love you will understand and...
    they won't lock you up! :)

  • *~*~*I can't live sans the rich Beauty
    of my elaborately adorned inner Life-
    Mythomania breeds Images,Words in tandem, 
    Sings Wonderful Stories*~*~*

  • *~**~Mythomania, I thrive in your Deepest Waters,
    where SeaNympths sing & Time floats in Circles, 
    showing me everybody I've ever loved & lost~**~*

  • I've always been called an eccentric Dreamer. 
    I see & feel intangible Beauty & Music.
    I try to explain, & I'm named "Mythomania -c"

  • April 10, 2010
    I swore Today I could not Write,
    as Spring grew cool,my fingers cold,my brain numb.
    I have, on a tiny scale, conquered my main nemesis,me!
    10 April 2010

  • Tiny darlings on the playground climb Skyward & slide!
    I wish to keep vigil upon their innocence;
    wish my angel will never have a nemesis
    10 April 2010

  • If my sweet Beloved joins this game, 
    he shall become my nemesis!?
    No-never-I shall applaud his Writing & Re-Tweet him.
    Ah, Love...
    10 April 2010

  • I hope to remind myself each Morning, mirror-view: 
    "You are your own worst nemesis."
    Perhaps I will become a woman after her own Heart
    10 April 2010

  • Our sweet little British kitty,Gilesy, 
    hissed his nemesis off the garden. 
    We never knew the cat's name;
    we always called him "Nemi".
    10 April 2010

  • My 8th grade nemesis passed at age 24 in a prison cell. 
    I wish I'd been an unafraid 13, 
    & had tried to become her friend
    10 April 2010

  • #inaperfectworld 
    I would not continue to be my own worst nemesis;
    I'd allow myself the freedom to Write what I feel 
    compelled to Write!
    10 April 2010

  • Moments move in panoply of wild feelings; 
    she is, at once,
    a myriad of emotionally colorful,
    oftimes flagrantly suffering, people.
    06 April 2010

  • Changed my pic 10 times!
    Photos posed in panoply of Lady f/ Before,
    her Cleopatra film garb on display 
    for indifferent subjects
    06 April 2010

  • #artwiculate 
    No panoply in my head, no time to play. 
    Only ceremony in which I'm involved
    is getting a 6-yr-old to go to sleep.
    06 April 2010