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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dream fragments:
a re-current Dream...

Sleep's essence lies distant from this tiny planet
you grasp, but she's gone; she dives far beneath Seas
Dream Currants, juicy golden ecstasy,
grown in heated land...StarBlessed...
(my moistening mouth...)
Plump greenery rolls, hills dip, heights wind,
while lovers' seeds sanctify perpetual Time;
velvet Valleys shelter murmurs,
drench their Dreams in colloquial mirth;
echoes pound percussive mountains;
each sound awakens damp fallow Earth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ II
Sappho's lyric Seas spray colour-fountains, stir Time's Storms,
Miconias' reverent graceful leaves bend for thee, Lady; drink, spin, tease...
Sappho's silver Moon* suspends eternity in lovers' Seas
A Gift for Lyres, for flutes in heat:

please grant us salvation from monotony
Fragments for you.
I hope you enjoy even one image, with any of your many senses
♥ CherylFaith

*Sappho appears here courtesy of Robin Taylor
© CherylFaith Taylor January 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Insomnia Breeds

a feral feline stretches my Soul's length, her breadth, her every molecule:

ensconces every Breath I gasp;
whilst I hold fast a bloody Moon
whose eyes caress my every move;
whose shadows ghost my fitful dreams

(don't go; don't go; please haunt my Life)

angels spiral - speak, smoke Light-weed
my feline harmonizes tunes
whose chords caress my every move
whose notes a'tremble cast a net

(don't leave yet; I need clean escape)

(don't go; don't go; you steal the Light)

ensues a battle for my shell
whilst I hold tight my ordained doom,
Cat's shadows cast scenes, flame Her moon;
wild Feline's tongues illumine gloom

(please stay inside me; I love you;)
(don't leave; conjure me secret Moons)

 my Soul to thee, sweet demon love:
your sole libation fills this room
where felines feral free my witches
gift me liberation's bloom;
a billion jewels in flicker'ng flight
new Skies a'flame glow foreign Blooms
a feral feline stretches my Soul's length, her breadth, her every molecule:
ensconces every Breath I gasp;
whilst I hold fast a bloody Moon
whose eyes caress my every move;
whose shadows ghost my fitful dreams

© CherylFaith Taylor   2013 January

Monday, January 14, 2013

more Twittery stuff
January 2013 !

I rarely employ hashtags, but I could not resist! 
I am truly sorry I cannot type the characters for several Asian languages. Please forgive?
 I think I have more than 25, but still, these are too few! ‎
#Mention25CutePeopleOnTwitter: jy, ju, أنت, ви, vi, vy, u, te, mo, vous, თქვენ, Sie, εσείς, તમે, ou, אתה, आप, Ön, þú, anda, tú, voi, tu, jums, du, Państwo, você, vy, si, usted, wewe, Du, நீ, คุณ,sen, ви, آپ, anh, i chi, דו, ~you~ ! :) 
Love, CherylFaith

Friday, January 11, 2013


Your soft assault assuages soot
Your veil of tears: a Gifted Earth -
Here lovers meet from different Times

Inside your Veil, your wild Wind Dance
Your eyes shine, pierce the fog-hushed Air
Within your grasp, my naked trance...

Lovers touch from times Ago
I weep to be within that Dream;
I glimpsed them in a photograph
Appearances deceive

Friday, January 4, 2013

Life in Père Lachaise

Upon hearing "An American Prayer" 

 inside my ears, you fill my Soul,
more profoundly than before...
    I've been listening to this album too much lately, if tis possible to listen to "too much" JDMorrison Poetry...nah...
     JDM, Eternal Poet... 
I pray your Soul warmed to see our pilgrimage to your supposed (physical) Parisian resting place. 

Did the Earth's aromatic Gift, 
our Patchouli incense stick,
kiss your Soul?
Nowhere could I find incense more pure..

Reluctantly, we trudged away;
my eyes tear-blurred, my body covered in sweaty Life-beads....
As we moved languidly down myriad mazed  hills,
that 2003 Parisian August HeatWave-d Morn, 
a tiny grey ghost-cat sought us out!
We fed her little Swiss cheese-rounds. 
Her emaciated frame flamed Life; donned boots;
she mewed thy name
she clowned
she faded softly into Père Lachaise's caverned cloistered homes

Leo seemed thrilled, a'kicken at my body,
three months before his Soul re-entered Earth-Light... 
...perhaps he was furious at his mommy for gifting away his snack!

I will nourish my child for Ever and more.

I will for Ever
immortalize your Words, your Magic, aLive, James,
until our paths cross again

With all the love I can share with you...both....
beautiful, ancient, cerulean Souls, 
whose Lights have blessed my dubious, dark, JoyFull Life.

Graces for your Gifts...

humbled, CherylFaith

© CherylFaith Taylor 2012