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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Friday, November 15, 2013

leaves and other notitas, fragments, and always, always Love

Peace, Love, and Poetry ...

**these are all fragments from various pieces in the works

(posted part of this on Twitter)

...sparrows' Music inside trees, whose giant shadows wave my child across new Morning's street,
those guiding hands, shuffling leaves, crunching beneath freedom's feet

Please breathe for us a newborn treat, where children simply love the Morn,
where dawn shows Earth's allover green;

***This one, below, illustrates two different attempts to decode the messages...***

a maple maze, to my astonished ears, sang soft a song to me;
"Enter," she beckoned, "ride astride my secret veins; now listen - sshhh..."
I lept upon her smokey Autumn Beast
in search of tiny me;
(please imagine not that I have left you; I merely desire the secret Seas
to Gift me .....more to come, i hope

leafy maple beckoned me to visit, ride her veins to see
she feeds the
the steaming Storm, torn empty pockets, bloated babies all have passed;
bullets bounce back into toy machines - they hold no meaning Here:
crimson Luna smiled, you see, her huge moist eyes sang dreams into the warriors, ancient mothers, all;
born to fight, they entered through a door we cannot always see
they dropped four feathers from the mountains: east north west and southerly,
a fresh libation slaked Night's thirst;

land awoke, full-flowered -

children drank Her wine;

Her glorious eyes could close to rest,
no more to pine for tiny stomachs' empty wails...

crow dance (extremely unfinished)

...Crows' engaged me in to trance amongst their black party;
I gleaned their Beauty long ago,
understood their steeled bodies,
their color  -   meant the world to me...

...their darkened colours' Gift is a talisman to protect the babies,
but wee ones must never be dressed in black. 


 November 15, 2013   (for Alessandra Bevier-Thiem)

West of la Luna, where our Majestic Energy maneuvers herself into CloudSongs, soars them to high, ecstatic, operatic flight into Mountains... the ricochet resembles electric, iridescent rainbows of pure, ecstatic Sound, Light,and, of course, Heart. We all love beneath Her eyes; the same Moon lights our own Eyes. A Gift we can receive, all of us, is the fearlessness we may allow ourselves to drop into nowhere, thus providing us greater abilities to See

Friday, October 18, 2013

the angels propel gentle HeartVibes your way; they float soothing Autumn breezes,
tiny candles alight 'round your feet, your face, your Spirit
swirled, with purrs, through softly drizzled RainBows; 

I touch my Heart;  prithee hear 
the roar of eighteen angels channeled;
I pray for thy peace.


Imagine, dear Friends...through this haze we call Life, 
See me reach for you 
through these breathing bubbles which unite our Souls....
Imagine...we meet through the aether, distances previously untraveled;
we hold myriad manners to meet our kindred Souls.
We hold each other through every Storm. 

Las tormentas no nos pueden hacer a caer, ni nos pueden encuentro en sitios extranos para que vea a mis hermanas y mis hermanos, para que nos al otro,. Asi, mi alma no mas necesita buscar la paz...Nunca me siento solita. Gracias

inspired by @DonDraper_NY
   for you and for my beloved friends...  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

mid-September musings

which be Dreams and which be Days, and how doth the two embrace?

Time has fled and Days have welcomed Autumn here...
I do not forget thee, sweet, sage, funny friend! Hope you are well

I do not welcome Autumn's Love with ease...
  several years have moved since I entered this vast and tiny Universe,
but I have yet to understand the protocols

I am rendered silence-struck, my Heart a-thrumming beat-beat-BEAT Beautiful... My friends are truly lovely :) 

which be Dreams and which be Days, and how doth the two embrace?

Melancholy paints my Soul; I cannot begin to tell thee how thine smiles Inspire, console... HeartVibes 

have you seen the iridescent Night Air,  watercolor - painted pools, drowning forms, scrambling tears- look! thy shadow 

thy shadow be a DayCloud, perhaps. Dream Lost? A Dream who cannot find her Day... 

Poetry Poetry lives lives we don't realize we imagine 

more to come...possibly
(several of the phrases above originated as part of conversations 
as ChayaChaya on Twitter,
mid-September, 2013/5774)

mid-September: a few Twitterings to showcase a few beautiful friends

Tweets, read from bottom of page and scroll up, please, until I repair these. Still, much of this may make little or no sense, unless you go to the Twitter page of ChayaChaya, via one of the links...and even then, I have yet to unscramble these...I have posted theme here for the Moment, as a tribute to lovely friends who have made my pen move...

HeartThanks to you, lovely friends, and to so many others. Catch HeartVibes, please. You are appreciated so much... CherylFaith
  1. Hey! I thought that was *my* photo! You were routing through my things while I was in the powder room! xo

  2. Yes < my glass to yours > a toast to the Stars, Sun & the Moon..that beautiful moon of

  3. Each dream embraces a day, wraps it/in the cloak of time that doesn't fade/but endures in every dream, every/day.
  4. not morbid... an exotic Beauty exude these Mother's loves

  5. but a bit morbid innit! > Exotic black roses! via @EarthBestPix
  6. Believe it or not, several years have moved since I entered this vast and tiny Universe, but I have yet to understand the twittery protocols
  7. an angel, no, I cannot be, for these burning tentacles tickle me in ways I cannot express to thee :)

  8. . , a real angel ...Katy are an angel of the night ...
  9. Tis a voluptuous, sexy-looking drink... a lubricant for Dreams :)
  10. I love the Word, "sublime".... Upon hearing, "sublime," a gigantic, Multi-Sensorial Imagery World opens in my Mind :)

  11. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want this cat on my team: (Courtesy of )
  12. As long as you have not set your house on Fire! You haven't, have you???
  13. Art thou a "Space Chick" or a "Cosmic Angel," then, my friend? :)

  14. Space Chicks and Cosmic Angels appear to us in curious forms