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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

for my Friend, F. ( I have no way to comfort you )

thoughts for a dear, trusted friend whose Soul aches
...for She has become Wind


in the blue mist, mountain clouds move, coloured fumes;
they wave to you, Winds' soft messengers;
I see her,
a wayward angel's April Dance
her colours glow, then fly from Sight -
(a waltz too terrible to bear)

"How can I stay, breathe still this Air we share with robins, rainbows?"

...Muse... you know within she Muses you,
each Moment you shine Life into the eyes which ask
your love; her every memory nestled in your Heart,
she Gifted you, your Life with mortal loves.

these breezes you will feel again with lighter Heart...

 - caress and open eyes to capture pain, to make an old world new
an old Life new
I never knew-
did you?

the Mountains' drowsy afternoon arms
wake aLive, to hold her
kiss her, smooth her aching thoughts of loss;
her seared brain has seen enough;
quiet now
quiet now
(here inside the silent breeze...
Hear the silent breeze?)

for she has become Wind
she has become Mountains
she smiles into your Heart, her eyes, alive in Rain;

Now you understand the reason Rain drips softly sometimes?
Now we see each others' Hearts as friends know how to hug us sometimes
-when not another person knows your Soul or cares to,
dares to answer when the phone rings and you're driving home-
but "don't talk while you're driving - I don't want you to have an accident"...
now we see...
now I begin to understand, Friend.

Here I sit and only breathe a droplet of your pained Heart
for though you are a dear kind friend
I cannot feel your deepest Heart
I know the worlds in pieces play us all a game of part in part
circles' momentary freeze
melt into Rain again, her eyes in dewdrops...

we shall see her again...

she holds open her arms
in you step
without shoes
early Morn kisses your tears.
in you step there you go
into a blue mist
a new Morning when she speaks your name over and over
Alive in you always

Monday, April 22, 2013


My Heart Won't Stop Breaking

tiny tumescent Earthquakes pound ClayMounds;
teeny mind-shafts spark (dot) the solid landstate:


Stand, shivering:  See that rift!?
this murky place begins to don 
a candy-caned bonnet, a pastelline ribbonesque trip from Palestine

Nineteen-oh-nine; at thy mercy, I appear .
my tongue wet . Diamonds you swallow when you search my eyes.
(Diamond daggers shoot your eyes to- ward Main Street,
one more windy, whining, whirring drone -
desolate street lies like a paisano canine, desert hound on deck.
"Next stop: High Street!" -  should you visit?
Diamond daggers demand your eyes align

every Word flings presents to form an Hour.
every Word propels to spell 
an Hour's melting molten Magic
 DreamDoor; everlasting aria; 
My BeLoveds' pain shall not go along
My BeLoveds' pain lies deep inside their tintype
I see my future in a great-grandmamma's eyes

They pin me; torture me,
darken my eyes to Science, to Silence...
Face a Void  whose luminescing Imminence shall soon newly reign, and
we will be Together

My Heart breaks every Moment.
 I'll arrive prettier, in fresh Afternoon Moments,
adrip with honied trickling silvery angel
(Sensai strings her harp with feather...)
I love you

Please don't stop loving me; - if you do,  I'll die .


Robinhood's cousin sleeps below your stares,
your flinty sidelong feline ghosted guises,
while downstairs he rides his Star Train -
I don't want him to be scared anymore;
Don't want to frighten babies -
(She hides the key)
(my sacred faeries loll, sunbathe over the hill in sandsun)

© CherylFaith Taylor 2013