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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our LifeTimes sway Together

Our LifeTimes sway together.
a Candle dreams your eyes in muted light,
upon a glass of Rain, in a melted kaleidoscope Storm,
we meet Inside a secret place
a silent screen, silver draped,
a Soul touch. Flick! I weep.

The Chorus sees shadowy pinprick patterns,
dancing hopscotch children,
heathen pleasure - bathers' race in Summer's Golden Eyes;

I see us sway together.
You, arrayed in Elders' Mountain
while I cannot touch a Star; still, you hold me, a Moment;
You have deigned to dance with me,
a Soul too young; yours Old, Divine.
a Soul touch. Dark falls. I weep.

The Chorus sees diamondesque dances,
far-away constellations,
Poetry's velveteen Gifts at play in burning Summer's Sky 

Our LifeTimes sway together.
a Candle dreams your eyes in muted light,
your ancient Mountain arms hold me; Star- melded tempestuous Life!
Poetry Lovers in arabesque
silent screams, silverNight draped,
a Soul touch. Pfff! I weep.


to a Muse
I desperately yearn to walk with you,
altho I never held your eyes in mine
missed your face in my LifeTime...
I search the dark for your smile,
for your sage propheticWords 
Rich inside my ears aLive with your Music, your Magic;
he whose face I could not see
Your Soul has deigned to carry me
Thank you.
*(inspired by Twitter's Shashi)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

whose Soul beguiles

Eternal Night stirs softly, sighs;
Starred ether velvet curtains drift
You see, so soft, they've moved aside;
Behold, revealed: huge moist ebony eyes,
These hold your frightened gaze ...
For you, a clarinet, whose Soul
beguiles your fear; you feel her soothing
waltz begin on silkdraped stage;
luscious moonkissed thighs assuage
Your guilt; you know True's taste:
Your gift's arrived

Monday, January 24, 2011

Excerpts from " Winter Symphony, 2011 "

Robin, my Love,
This Winter Music is for you and from you
I shall never forget our Day in the Mountains...
You, in your grace,
Your eyes,
Your dreams...
How do you see?
What do you see?

As One, as Always, Together...
We witness Her Storms,
Her sweet strong Mysteries...
No tree escapes her dark wild Mood
With each new Breath, she buries all;
Ancient firs, spindly saplings
Bow hardy boughs in supplication
Branches freeze in awed stark terror
Her fury humbles Mohonk Mountain

Unions born of Her frigid exhalation
Thwarted escapes create icy mansions;
Shrieks! A Universe is born!
Beneath cold arbors, Lean, tiny siblings!
Hold each other, fierce survivors;
Witness her torment upon your Mountain!

Cling to each other as she fills your Universe with Storm!

Desperate lovers, reach for each other,
Your limbs, how they twist against Her strength!
Unnatural poses!? Your bodies meld;
your backbones bend in defiance of break
in Her cold designs;  your ice-bound love...
Cleave! Receive her sleety anesthesia...

A new Life is born
A separate Universe formed, 
here on high, 
atop January's Mohonk Mountain

Click below, please, to view Photos taken by 
my BeLoved Husband, Robin,
January 11, 2011, as I sat feverishly scrawling in my little spiral notebook.
Thank You :)

Mohonk Mountain, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scattered Twitterings Winter 2011

I take along a funny secret everywhere I go,in case of dark tense atmosphere;
Mr. Moneyman doesn't know about the secret, but the jester, magician & the corner accordian player- they know

Huge HeartThanks for sweet RTs& mentions. Hope your Day feels Rich with Light & Love

My fingers, eyes, mind tell me, "Stay here!" My little boy is home on a SnowDay; my Heart makes me move...Thank you for Reading!

She has Gifted us frozen carpets to numb our toes. I wonder: is She angry?

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Court Jester Series

Fallen Rainbow froth rolled forth my Court Jester. 
 An ElderGoddess, Exquisitely slender, swathed in misty raiments:
 "I've never known his Mickey Mouse eyes to yield a Court Jester."
{fingers delicately thrum through multitudinous folders}
 "Fallen RainBow froth has never thrown a Court Jester."

I'd seen photos, theatre cards, Cloud-Painting, all depicting my Jester as an ultimate evil one

The Court Jester jumped up and down upon the roof of the car,
clanging a brassy frying pan,
jangling my hot trembling nerves.
The other four passengers, squished together,
plump pickled sausages, in the late September steam,
clattered on in drunken chatter.
Blue Oyster Cult clamoured for applause: the scantily-clad Summer-holders, 
who lined the sidewalks, played hopscotch and 
croquet with big men in striped autumn overalls.

I shrieked until they stopped the car on a white hewn lawn strewn with little round Rainbows. 
I feared the car might crush the rolling colors.

The others tumbled frightfully from the car,
onto the suddenly vari-colored grass. 
She and he howled laughter so dissonant, 
their shrill gaiety may have muffled the Court Jester's noise, 
subdued his sullen, plaguing stare,
but no...   

She held my waist and guided me into their house (but not their Home). 
A tiny ball of new kittens mewed in greeting.
I wept in terror! 
"The Jester  would hurt the kittens!"

She took my clothes to launder out the Day's sweaty fright, 
fried an omellette for the baby cats, 
and offered me her spare faery garments. 
She bade me sleep inside a drafty room, adjoining their loveroom.
The Court Jester grinned at me all the while;
I slept not a Moment.
The following morning my mother found my hiding place;
She left word with them: Tonight would begin Atonement Time.

I turned the key in the ignition of my 1918 Town Car ...



a) This Prelude/Intro describes actual incidents....sort of

b) I've known my Court Jester many yrs.

c) He may appear anywhere within my writings 
Parte 2
My 1918 Town Car, my tangible pride,
Finally, I am inside you; I've escaped the Jester,
although my flight may whisk me to more unearthly terror...

He chuckled once; no escape for this sinner!
" I must fly home; 'tis Atonement Night," (my petrified airy plea)
"Too late for Home," my Jester mockingly crooned; 
In my rear view mirror, the clown's carnival-rouged sneer
instructed my heart to cease her LifeTime Song;
I inhaled and prayed she drum along 

I cringed and breathed but I remained alone
Silence felt thick, sticky pungent Air 
of rotting fruit; a dead Jungle near?
 "Take my direction, mi'lady dear; 
before your trip, you had naught to fear
but I juggle now your mortal Soul
'tween ancient bones, in sordid Air
You ought feel fear, oh sweet fae child,
To have dreamed you had escaped your fate!
Time you learn! That Game you played
held power of the Open Door 
"Now you face your Jester, dear;
so close your eyes; the wheel is mine
Ne'er more, my love, shall you be alone..."

Parte 3 ( Dream Inside The Game of Open Door )

Invisible Tiger, bright to my now unsighted eyes,
you prance; you swathe a humid rotting Isle
in WildFlower Grace; you conjur chanting Goddesses;
their healing Tale serves not to extricate this girl;
I must tremblingly watch, my body numb;
prithee, sacred scrap, an OakTree's gift, 
float down - tickle our embrace -
that he might loose his rotten hold on me...

The Goddesses know the vile Court Jester
was ne'er my Lover, but my consequence,
for playing the Game of Open Door;

I feel their chant: "Push him asunder;"
The tigers' eyes grow wide with Fire;
The Jester clings, he digs my flesh;
Indeed, on this Atonement Night,
I've lost my Life? Where do we fly?
He drives us forward, Town Car in Air!
the Jester's knife-nails shred my waist;
Invisible Tigers' Firey eyes scream sympathetic anger,
but not even they may help the maiden
she who has learned the lesson

The Goddesses know the vile Court Jester
was ne'er my Lover, but my consequence,
for playing the Game of Open Door, The Open Door, The Open Door...

An ElderGoddess, Exquisitely slender, swathed in misty raiments:
 "I've never known his Mickey Mouse eyes to yield a Court Jester."
{fingers delicately thrum through multitudinous folders}
 "Fallen RainBow froth has never thrown a Court Jester."


October 2011 
other photos from the Court Jester series: Dreams of His Demise

Your Byzantine kohled black eyes
scald Sky-painted glass, 
scream melted embers all over my 
My Lord, your old Stars mutate!
I am awake.


Ferociously,  I twirl your world 
beneath my nimble fingertips;
Your dervish laughter, legend once,
swirls clownishly, in emptiness

My unEarthly diamond prisms flash,
show your rage's futile sovereignty
for all fae maidens, tiny hands clasped
to see with glee; within, they laugh

I refuse to be reBorn as a fragment of your world


Your every effort to recommence
a long, slick, sticky self-monument,
to hold nubile captives, fossilized
while you assume a new disguise -
Your every absurd undulation fails
falls heavy, plods, stomps toward your demise...

I refuse to be reBorn as a fragment of your world

The Goddesses know the vile Court Jester
was ne'er my Lover, but my consequence,
for playing the Game of Open Door, The Open Door, The Open Door..

"Fallen Rainbows"... first mentioned here:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eighteen million gems in the Sky to guide you (excerpts)

 "I will not let Sleep take me. I don't want to Sleep, Mommy."
Echoes, somber "BongBong!" deepgrey, 
Bounce, bounce, bounce!
down corridors of endless time 
(ten thousand gems in the Sky to guide you)
"crystalline StarFish! Momma whispered your death ;
here you are, mi amor!"

I never imagined I could fly !
A Gift!:
 elegantly attired, diamondesque Night"

 Infinity , Eternity, jeweled myriad soft Moons to guide you
  find your seeking Soul, dear friends
We never end
We never end
  "I  hear ... ?"
"She's intimated a stormy Secret,
consecrated steamy super-Star Space;
She's gonna brew 'em up a calamitous Nor'Easter
Boiled in the bowels of her engines' tumultuous torrent
La La
La La
LaLaLaLa-LaLaLa LaLa"
Night! Grab 'hold!
Let Melty Star Center languidly move you
Night's most elaborately invisible cape, leave be tied loosely 'round your neck;
Eat a mouthfull of her rough blanket's smoother Stars
See? They lie between your eyes and her moving planetary tapestry;
Drink deeply , lustily, of newest vintage moonjuice
Meet us as we fold velvet fold velvet fold velvet
join us as we fold velvet,
our soft pliant hands
stroking, soothing newer flyers
( "We found you crouched in silent-seeming, catatonian Symphony
we kissed your eyes ; we sang to you, beneath the star-strewn stairs")

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tormenta (for Brautigan's Ghost)

Wild White Mountains surround; 
sounds wander, lost in Wind 
or ~
Souls wander, lost in bluewhite Wind

Imagination...mine goes hiking to EscaCave