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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weaving Jasmine's Dance

soft Prelude


Jasmine Maiden sighs, exhales Twi-Light stars;
She sings exotic language in my ears;
My Soul, aLive, transforms her Words to flower;
Winter's Maidens dive to their caves in tears

She opens a Door to a moist mossy World,
where warm rough tongues trickle Music down your thighs;
"Maiden of Flowers paints your face ToNight!
 Gaze not upon Winter Ladies' weary eyes..."

Canto Pequeño I      (Pequeño...  please see endnotes)

The Heat arrives, crimson-attired,
needle-Minded, ragefull;
His dubious euphony cacaphones my ears!

Sirens pierce me; (my love hears only soft Dreams breathe);  
Stars melt down - their grey shades darken me
(In Peace, my True Prince slumbers through to Dawn.)

Canto Pequeño II
la Tormenta

far-'way agonized tunings taunt my tears;
Frozen, I lie, prickled - o sumptuous fear!
I'm tethered to a schizophrenic Storm.
Unforewarned, a stranger here, but he finds me,
enfolds me in his Dreams; unquiet I lie -
a stranger in his arms or to myself?
Canto Pequeño III
Eudora's Play

Begone, maniacal King!
No space here for Jesters - only lovers!
  Eudora watches with wise old eyes; 
He waltzes me in musky, swampy, lustful, yearning Morn;
Kissed by Eudora's Joy, I've joined her Game -

Finally! - I'm honored to be stung;
we melt in steamy luscious Dreamers' Air

Why am I a chosen one,
to witness this rich spectacle?
I feel so beautiful to be stung
 (I see myself, a puppet prancing 'round emerald mounts,
hung, in the pre-Dawn rose, )


Canto Pequeño IV
Jasmine's Web

Play me, move me, Maiden of Flowers;
Weave me into your faery-flocked wreath;
I never minded the stultifying Heat;
I rather loved His touch


Canto PequeñoV


Jasmine Maiden sighs, exhales Twi-Light stars;
She sings exotic language in my ears;
My Soul, aLive, transforms her Words to flower;
 enchanted to be aroused so -
these bewitch-ed pre-Dawn hours -
tethered to the schizophrenic Storm

© CherylFaith Taylor  

**Pequeño means "small," in Spanish

*** with love to a beloved Muse, Eudora Welty, and endless gratitude for her beautiful, rich Writing, 
especially a certain Pagan - theme-d Story...or a couple

Monday, May 21, 2012

     This Morning, I had the privilege of seeing, speaking with, hugging/being hugged by my dear Friend, Brian, who passed in 2007. Thank you, Brian, for appearing in my Dream! The last time I saw you was approximately two months after you passed; my family and I were in the veterinarian's office, looking at the kittens somebody had abandoned on the vet's doorstep; I turned around to check on my child, and you stood not three inches from my left side, slightly behind me. You appeared as the adult I last saw in 2000, muscle-bound, tatoo-ed, hairless-headed. Your sweet crooked smile lit me.

     "Brian!" I nearly screamed! "You look exactly like my friend, Brian!" You said not a word, but you nodded. Dark glasses disguised your sweet darling eyes, but in that Moment, I hadn't a doubt you had come to visit, to encourage us to accept JimmyCat (James Brian Morrison) into our home.)
Please come back again, if you can, while I'm still in this part of my LifeCycle...

      I feel utterly blessed. Thank you, sweet Brian. You always make me smile; you always make me feel safe. I miss you so much. I pray, someDay, to meet you in the Spirals. We can play our clarinets, and maybe enjoy a little bit of.... hmmm...You were the first person I ever imbibed with :) 

     Brian, I always love when you appear. As you did while we were growing up, you never fail to bring me laughter. You have always helped me to feel a part of the world...Thank You.  Dear Friend, I love you.
 (slightly extended & slightly different...I'm certain I shall combine these, or they will disappear into a Poem.   This is, after all, my online Writing *Workshop*
 (I welcome you, Reader.)

      I climbed the new Spring grass, up into the hospital parking lot, walked up another level, ignoring the stairs.  P.V. (?) or your best schoolfriend, C.S. (?) - twas P., I *think*..was talking with you on her little black phone. I simply (complicatedly?) knew she was speaking with you! I don't remember whether I asked her or she...I think she said to you, "Oh, here comes Cheryl. Do you want to talk to her a minute?" In a second, my greedy hand gripped the phone, as if to glue it to my ear, and your smiling deep voice filled my Being. I melted in Joy! I don't recall the conversation. :(  P. (?) expressed impatience for the telephone back, to speak with you, due to limited Time...Tears of Joy welled inside me and my eyes probably spilled over a bit...I ascended the staircase to the hospital; I began to run, as you were waiting for me inside the lobby!! I twisted my way thru the spiral doors, and you waited, tall, fit, your lovely, crooked, ironic smile aLighting your face, Brian! Brian!!! BRIAN!!!! I fell into your arms. We spoke, but I don't remember our exact Words. I cried and smiled and Joy suffused me. You hugged me into your warmth, protected me, reassured me, as you so often did when we were in school.

      Inevitably, as we inhabit different dimensional realms,  we had to part. I awoke in my bed in upstate NY, 2012.  I love you, my dear Friend, Brian, and I always will.. I pray to meet you again in the Spirals. I miss you, my friend. I love you for Ever.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

in a Valley Verdant (scenes from)

(Movement II, Dance in a Valley Verdant) (work in progress)

and you, Frankie, sit stiff still 
for your portrait, in a valley verdant...
you Dreamed the valleys cupped tiny doll-skulls,
ate our litter, honeyed; suffered no ills;
your Heart knew a slip would be a reDawn,
no drawn-out mournful tones, fierce echo'ng hills,
but sleepy-blurred rainbows, cascading Moons,
mem'ries made clean at a rival's entrance;
your Valley Dreams slide you through sweet Sea blue;
Her arms haze muted violet light o'er you...
and you, Frankie, you sit stiff, still,
simmering blown-salt Sea-foam songs;
your aroma reaches noses,
insinuates you slipped; you slipped!

On looks your self at the bruised spectacle;
clarinet enters you - tunes paint your pain;
fire-seered brush, re-grown, lush covered in flame;
your seeking Soul singed - a mystery, Her name your wide firey azure eyes;
peek for a Moment, then slide, Frankie, slide;
though Dawn be not new here, soft as you Dreamed;
(a nose-full with rot? the meadow beyond?)
maybe, sweet Frankie, your Dream has not flown - 

oh! Here! Frankie, welcome! New peace for you!
Jump, Frankie, jump! into eyes, deep Lightpools;
plump fish swim circles, beckon your repose;
(the hills, her fake breasts, ripple rot to your nose;
frankincensed-promise to others hath flown?)

Here, darling, here, in this Light, you are Known;
double-Mooned demons drink wine down your limbs;
(awake! Frankie! Wake! Dark slumber be gone!)
Her minions smile songs: "petrified - polished Dawn";
(Look not at their teeth, piranha, half-dead - 
your deep dive, your dread, drives you from their lust;
Oh, Frankie, awake!)

(flutter my Heart to be the only girl
a party to the salty, singing, sweet old Sea-foam cake,
the opening to Life where two Moons reign
awake, Frankie, awake, awake awake, awake! )

and you, Frankie, sit, still stiff,
for your portrait, in a valley verdant...
                                                                                                         ****note: rescue may be near; we pray
Part 1 of the Series, "The World Where Two Moons Reign"