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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fallen RainBow Series Begins to Write through me (December into January 2011)


Ethereal Voice, she whispers circles 'round our slush-ground feet
modern devices, she does eschew
CircleWhispers move her Words:

"Swirling rainbows, snowbound,
falling, falling free free free! 
Please move with care;
Mind the Fallen rainbows 

 *do* mind Her Fallen Rainbows;
step tenderly about their Hearts,
so as not to break their deep Dusk dormant Beauty" 

Teen-aged Philosopher, (Book held to Heart),
Ebony curls frame his cherubic face,
no apparition, he: (he blushes),
messenger, 1488:

"Weeping Rainbows, 
Know you are chosen for
Life on perimeters of our Home, and of distant others  ?
Whose Songs echo inside you?
Your Hearts strings, so strong strung..."

Float before us, Night's Rainbow Chorus
The fright we feel! 
He weeps to feel our pain

"Fallen RainBows we? No! 
We leaped from windows, misery-clouded;
chose free-fall dance over tiny stale crates.
Trample us not...
Our Hearts may break

We hear your fearful dark dread stomp,
see frigid Night's slicky mud grey Road
Brush away your weary Air
Hear us cry your Rainbow Song 
inside virgin Snow


A screaming, scruffled, sweaty man
His calloused hands belie his spirit noble 
His mouth forms a circle huge of pain 
"Help! I'm captive of FallenRainbows!"

RainBow #1: 

"He believes we were thrown from Celestial heights 
or Cinema horror ;
Please know, dear man:
we've lived here, 
flashed everywhere, since Time"
FaeryWoman twirls silently
to Muses she, alone, may hear; 
her tearful laughter pleases our weary ears 

"Each footfall of my little witchy black boot
strikes MidNight 'gainst Her pure new Snow"
Tiny iridescent ethereally colored hands
reach to tickle toes"

Three O'Clock Goddess weeps at the window
She fears the spectacle -
Even while we caress her with our hands, she jumps!
We desire to understand, to ease her woes
"I'm Insomniac prisoner of Fallen RainBows!
Songs, weeping, bubbling laughter!
Sleep's become a distant Dream;
their rivulets rain colors not seen here!"

The Fallen RainBow Chorus, oval-form-ed,  Dawning Light:

"Silly girl,we mean no harm;
We sing to be seen,
our sparkles to brighten those so lost as we.
Sleep be yours;
Our Love to all"
(her heavy eyelids close curtains over ever-wide rivulet-catchers)

Rainbow #1 to Rainbow #8

"Who is she?"
Rainbow #8 to Rainbow #1

She's one of the Rainbow holders. Sshhh...we don't know if she's aware..."


Intermezzo:  Dance of the Exotic RainBows

I see them, their huge innocent eyes,
slowdance upon Clouds
in dewy deep spirals of Time;
 Spirals of Circles of Infinite Light
 Do you see?

Splat! Rainbows on hot desert carpet!
Swish! Splat! RainBows whirl,  paintin' virgin Snow
Splat!Splat! Rainbowed songs along the muddy highway
...Peace colors wild worlds,  in frenzied screaming whirls


Painted Desert Dusk displays:
Rivers run wilder through silent snarling StormClouds
Iridescent angels drive porsches, 90mph,
down vacant Desert roads;
Curtsy my Heart at your Beauty, Sir

...vacant roads are always far from empty...

Errant Cloudburst Hearts,  drowsy drunken Rainbows
 flock to the City of the Painted Desert Dawn
We must wake their eyes with Oasis wine
Sing them time-mellowed songs, ancient voices join,
We attempt to hold their sleeptorn spirits higher

Softer fallen rainbows slumber further toward Her center;
gentle excavation may expose their muted colors;
 Love their softness,
 be enLightened

{Arrives the RoadCrew, dressed in nightMist)

~pretty~ ...

Excavation crew arrives

Venerable Rotund  RainBow, number 4, to be- jeweled, slender NewRainBow number 14: (training)
                                                    "Where did her vacant eyes awake?"

NewRainBow number 14 (in training), to Venerable Rotund  RainBow, number 4:

"so sorry, Sire; her Soul hath Dreamt
nine incarnations; each Time, she spent the Energy of two Souls;
NewBorn to Flight, she soars away from this place
I fear our swords, our raking eyes, blinded by our Colors own
may impede her higher grace"
Venerable Rotund  RainBow, number 4:
"Let's speak her thoughts in the present tense
 magnetize her Dreams
Think inside her Mind,
Be the broken Goddess for a Moment"

Intermezzo el segundo 

 Time is One in Forest Circles 
Liquid NightDance, woven Waters
Drone the names of all his consorts, Loves;
countless nubile daughters

My Skybound gaze shows me, once more, their huge innocent eyes, 
their slowdance upon Clouds ;
their tears spill warm rivers into the Forest
Spin dewy deep spirals of Time;
 Spirals of Circles of Infinite Light
 Do you see?
Splat! RainBows strike musky damp scorched jungle carpet
Swish! Swish! Splat! RainBows whirl,  painting dervish dappled circles 'round Snow-virgins
Splat!Splat! Rainbowed songs reverberate the Air all along the muddy highway
...Peace?  No! Wildly-colored worlds,  in frenzied screaming whirls

ACT III : the Broken Rainbow Goddess, her Journey Home

"Dare we move her eyes to another place?"

"Yes, brother, we  dare;
Her power returns in our sacred holding vow;  
we need fill her empty eyes with azure Dreams,
replace her broken hues, make whole her Soul "


" my ears play naughty frightening games,
or arrived the large ones disguised in silken Night? 
Lift now her feet as I cushion sweet her head
For her eyes must not touch Earth again til Morn"

NewRainBow number 14 (in training), uplifts her fragmented toes; she does not stir.
Venerable Rotund  RainBow, number 4, nods his ancient head; they float her .
 The two RainBows, the Venerable One and the New Trainee, 
three times repeat,
tickling feet, caressing burnished hair
slender silken fingers all over her colors,
they pray: 

"Three O'Clock Goddess, you wept at the window
Do not fear the spectacle -
Even while we caressed you with our hands, you leaped!
We desire to understand, to ease your woes;
Return to our eternal love, please..."

Stage left, enter the large ones, with their freshly hewn RainBow slicing horrors.

"We've come to repossess your Muses"
Damsel whispers down from a tea-tower above the Mount:  
"Prithee leave my ladies peaceful weave."

Color floods the Air, slicing the large ones' toes
The excavation crew,  trainees and those who believe "superior,"
Storm the large ones
 ACT IV   (in experimental stages ONLY, dear Reader)
The Broken Goddess & Woven RainBows

"Superior" RainBows Speak.
They surround the tea-tower Damsel
Multifaceted vibrant colors flash inward, outward, all in Round;
 they intone ancestral prayers...
...hmmmm ...

Rainbow #1 to Rainbow #8: (these be two who fancy themselves "Superior" to Newer RainBows

"aWake, tiny king! Remove thee from thy trance!
Who hither floats, accompanied by youngers,
Dost thou know the fallen Goddess?
She feared the spectacle, peered out with huge Live eyes;
Blinded by spirals of kaleidoscopic colours;
She fell into eyes vacant and cold"

Rainbow #8 to Rainbow #1
"Why do you speak to me in words of old, senior king?
No matter....
Yes, my sire; the Excavation Crew holds her in protected Air
Her poor sweet  body, broken to pieces by fear;
Azure SeaLights surround her every molecule
Could Life be so that we can mend her Soul?"

Damsel whispers down from a tea-tower above the Mount:  
"Prithee leave my ladies peaceful weave."

By ethereal Light of the Crimson Candle,
We see the Damsel move in grace, to See;
 eight legs akimbo in muted RainBow raiment
We know her as Ezmeralda, Spider Queen, of Time

Act IV is but experimental. I sense its road shall quite soon change

to be continued 
(work in progress!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

For my BeLoved Leo

Little Man, my Heart giggles, loves you so much.
I don't imagine my Heart could be more Richly Blessedly Full.
Physical feel Emotional ache

January 2011
My hurricane boy storms home-
Day1, back to school-time;
His glossy eyes swim "Mommy, tired," but he Giggles!
My Heart missed this little Boy terror
Are all little boys terrors sometimes, & angels, most times?

Toys fly by my haunted all-Nighter eyes
I could not sleep for a racket of Words in huddle
now Little One determines to lengthen the Mystery

*Now* ceased to be a Moment to Write,
the second I saw his sweet huge eyes;
In Winter Air, His love heats my Heart 
as a blazing kite
I'm his  

I pray, my Words,
"Please wait, my Dreams, but a Moment-"

aWake? aSleep? Between TwiLight's colors I beseech my Muses,
"Please hold my Stories to your Hearts"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dream Museum Canto I

Squalid air of the Dream Museum-
Give us Time;
Time Circles, soon-

Lift us - our heavy limbs flailing,
reach toward sweet Rhythm
bright flowers float past us

as we reach for a clearing view

Aromas sweet sleep in the Dream Museum
(Yet give us Time; Time Circles, soon)

Spin us in turgid, wasteland dance
pinned by the demon
"Look! The Mirror!"
we desperately scream for a clearer view

aBoard ancient trains
crawling perilous Mountain tracks;
Souls move as newborn fluid fire
while inside this Desert;
the demon sleeps snoring,
a soft cradled infant
awaiting new Morning
You thought he was Victor,
asleep at the station
While all this time he was really -

Aromas sweet sleep in the Dream Museum
(Yet give us Time; Time Circles, soon)

Friday, December 10, 2010

en el monte...

I am so scattered lately, I lack a narrowing lens,
all scenes blending to older channels,  inside simulcast newer Dreams...&
yes! Those Dreams in between...I, too, have buried books!

I buried one of my books in an exquisitely beautiful town en el monte, in rural central Mexico,
a place so pure, her Air so clean,
her people do not cease to dance slowly, drowsed inside my Dreams,
deep inside,
pure, pooling eyes so rich with love.. 

I have set about searching my poetry's bed.
People's bodies were moved into a museum, due to overcrowding;
A young ingenious man dug for my book before he passed into the dream museum. He was a farmer; "humilde," he described himself.
He holds one of my buried books. I mean to hold its Heart once more in my Journey; I mean to behold his Heart in my eyes.
one Day, in our travels, I will speak with him, Soul to Soul.

**inspired by conversations with Alessandra, December 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Five parts of the Same Dream

He told me I could free my Mind, take a walk along FairBridge, color the footpaths purple; 
I believed his lies.

Old Summer Moon, as you stare at me, I idolize you, 
but perhaps my persistence may drive you away, and
I shall have to live among felines *only* -no lovers- 
I do love cats but
I'll miss your magician fingers all over my mind
I dreamed you walked amongst Clouds, Giant Angel in leather;
I couldn't see if you were wearing the gloves I bought for you.

You move like a lover through Clouds, slowly, gently parting their froth. I love seeing you.

(You found five parts of the same Dream.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For my Beloved Robin,
Cross-legged in the diamond Night,
 Oblivious to Her chill, 
you sat rapt in Her Light,
the Play of  a January Night before your tender Artist's eye.
La Luna danced for you,
and while I couldn't know your genius' Dream  
you conjured the magic Alive for me
for many a darkened Night.
Your tripod became a diamond eye,
You Gifted me This Smile For Ever
Photographing La Luna
Thank you for your Riches
Thank you for your  Love
photos by Robin

Excerpts from "The Mine"

(Excerpt from"The Mine")

ToDay,blinded by Blue, I enter the MindMine,
My armour, Words & Dreams, deep buried Heart...
Fear, retreat! my Mind she conjures Rivers
Hold open your palms, Her trees Gift bountied tears


(another excerpt from "The Mine" )

Between awake & asleep, I see elusive you
You and the Mrs. whisper on a park bench, cooing
You toss bread & Dreams to chubby white pigeons

Eyes touch, hands' silk rivers tease: love is New.

But...I always wonder, my wistful Heart,
 Do you see me? 
I remember you in these shadowed-stretched Moments;
my dancing nerves dive to reach-
in sudden Wake, I weep.

Your replacements: 
Flying clowns, tarantulas, drowning voices in distorted scenes,
older Dreams. I try to blow them asunder.
Don't want to Sleep

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you reached the point where...

you do what you please, whether or not you imagine other(s)may a) disapprove, and/or b) think you are weird?
...I have.
I think you have, as well. Tell me, darling?

As long as I'm not trying to hurt someone, I decided over the past 2 years:

1) I will be the best person I can, by trying my best to be good to my brothers & sisters all....even if they've arrived from other planets/times :)


b) I will be myself. I shall try not to censor who I am. I spent nearly my whole Life years trying to please others. Lately, I've realized I will never please everybody, but it doesn't matter, & the World needs
everyone (except child-molesters &murderers) . However I have come to be who I am, I am (to my knowledge) the only "me" on Earth. Maybe I'm supposed to be as I am.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lackluster Leaves linger here,
but on the Auburn Mountain slope,
a stubborn oak flaunts a burning orange kiss,
in the deep of a soft sad grey NovemberSky

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Excerpts from "MiddleHope"

Middlehope, the Space between places,
young ladies disguised in dark, dead faces;
Not Sally, no- 
She won't frequent Middlehope.
Middlehope, the draft under houses,
adrift into windows, smoke's rise beneath faces
I won't go; I feel Dreams!
No, I won't frequent MiddleHope.

the grounds in your coffee, evil grins in the grime
old farmers talkin
asleep on the corner;
you see only their outlines
overalls: circa '33...
full of vineyards, wine
and Stories

Middlehope, spaces inside the rich patterned night 
Home to Dreams, Love and Ice Cream
Tiny naked children by the roadside;
pencilled sign proclaims "reward" for our daughter, our friend,
she who left us here, floated right away
Why did she have to follow him
Blade to her silken throat, under no moon,
Syrupy kisses dripped, twisted around blood
Cursed her as he plunged
"She flew away before the pain, poor dear"
whispers a tired ancient woman of 25
They all left Middlehope so long ago...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Collections - Sonata Suite in 8 Acts: Autumn 1818

4065413Sonata Suite in 8 Acts: Autumn 1818

Sonata Suite 1818, Act I, Royalty, for TamEva

Whose dervish dance do I see outside my window,
swaying the tallest Tree?
Royalty, in her sweet & kind-Hearted presence...
Her lush velveteen skirts, golden burnt sienna.

Her Royal Highness has disguised Herself,
...a graceful old Oak...
I glimpsed her ethereal smile in spaces
where yesterday lived Leaves.

Sonata Suite 1818, Act II, Confess

I emerge, Wakeful,
as I do upon
so many tapestried Nights.
The Words must be confessed.

A Star Falls down steep silent stairs,
Spinning, Splitting particles,
Gifts bestowed by goddesses who say they knew me
Had they known me then,
I'd have been whole ToDay.
Had they loved me, as they say,
My memory would shine clean and
I'd not have needed to learn to pray again...
Mothers, Sisters, pierce me with your sparks,
that they may dance inside your eyes;
Show you the Day
They arrived, 1985,
Tiny round Creatures;
Remind you of the dirty Day
I discovered their haunting presence
would shadow me for ever.

...catch of a shivery Eve...

Sonata Suite 1818, Act III/ InterMezzo

Rain slashed the Mountain View.
the yodelers felt frantically forced to find shelter among the EmptySpaces

(note: empty roads are never vacant)

"Her mind jolted at the impact with the star northernmost,
after a Night spent dreaming in your fur," she said.

Sonata Suite 1818, Act IV, Rounding

Earth broke free of trampling eyes
Rounded, laughing, Moonward-bound
Swirled in Skies She knew in Dreams
Ghosted kisses freed on High

Sonata Suite 1818, Act V, shards

often, I feel the edges blur
I scream her name, I nearly see
Then I move my eyes to dread!
my own reflection sneers at me!


I am not really here. I told you I had to leave. I am not she.
Time thieved her away to..
To where?
The knife in the
dark sliced away Moments

Sonata Suite 1818, Act VI, Cloud Musings

My feet forgot their rhythm
Here I seek my wings
I float on the cusp of a Wave of Dreams
Deep in the Mouth of a Cold scowling Cloud

Grim Dark Cloud, my blanket?
Love: I worship you, but feel alone
Move me over to your cheery lover
please Shine for me


I seek the Cloud of iridescent DreamTime rivulets,
Sleepy Sister with your teasey wide-eyed grin,
she who sees where Dawn's PromiseEnergy flows

Raspy gusts of burnt sienna shake inside the trees;
Clouds smile down in languid humor
Ensue caresses sweet.

Trees tire of costume preening?
Stumble, twirl,
thru the ColorSweet Tumble of
their nearing Sleep!
Hush... tiny "Count" sings,
"Trick or Treat"

Breathe Her haunting bittersweet,
her musky kisses, dropping leaves
Tumble into ColorStorm
til She shrouds the ground in silent freeze

Frosty rust, dark pixie-elated Sky,
Dark dervish damsels dance inside moody old Clouds,
Steal weak dull leaves off helpless weeping trees.
I see Her fingers, Lady-In-Waiting,
Her pale, torn countenance cold;
Her wicked hunger for frozen Life -
Her body frightfully near for my comfort.
November, AirBorne, upState New York.

Sonata Suite 1818, Act VII, shards (parte segundo)

Swirling bowed arms hold inside the Rain's hypnotic rhythm... ssshhh....listen...

I hold me in my arms & kiss my tears
I feel as tho I'm one with Sister Rain

Her tiny toes paint sheets of carnival glass
I see my eyes abouncin' in her smile

I hold Her in my arms and kiss the tears
I weep to know my Sister grins in pain.
Tiny shards, carnival laughter, infant toes,
Echo, tumble, down falling darkened towers

Insinuating panther, jeweled undulating snake?
No. You are so very much more.
I feel your eyes...
I realize your Gifts breed Breath
into my oftimes hollow Soul

We touched;
I knew not
until your fingers designed
to romance TrueChords
all over my mind...
even the parts I never Dreamed loved Life...

Time'sDreamCircle diminish?


Shaman mine, I'll join thee.
Ride deep into the brilliant Night
caress sweet smooth stones in flight eternal.
hold me holy feathers, your arms flailing in Moon's dark;
gift me answers true and clear,
Your Eyes in my deepest Heart.
**James Douglas Morrison, aka Jim Morrison , a-Mused me a bit here, in this last stanza, as well as in a few other places throughout 
 my work's ever-growing Body