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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Thursday, July 19, 2012

visit: the meadow's Mind after Kafka stung me (freeWrite)

*~* here lies a tiny exercise: I shall tell you the exact Words which flow as they flow...
no corrections, no edits now.

Here, Dear Reader:

I was visiting the meadow's Mind after Kafka stung me;
Eudora* rocked me in her arms;
Theda's wicked wanton lips tickle the King's aching ear,
she Gifted him his Jeweled years to play anew;
whilst watching this regal show, so privileged I,
my pen began to move across the room;
incredulity aside, I thought I ought to tell you...   :

(to hide inside the billowy Poem walls...)

the invisible woman blushes;
for the length and space of an elvin breath
her mind projects faery-hued purple orchestrations
to dance symphonic colours all over the King's walls...
angelic grace, a mid-Moon's face, 
a song his Heart hath twice remembered eighteen thousand years from now;
all suddenly flame his grief-torn, solemn Soul; 
his ego steps, shy, gingerly aside -

the Tortoise King lumbers up to the silent princess;
he pretends two strong legs can move his body;
at once he climbs astride his Lady
Finally, the King shall ride...

the unending Night's ivory mares
raise their regal heads; their eyes flash joy to know their King shall ride anew


more than one Muse o'mine animated this Poem:
for Dr. Franz Kafka, who haunts and Inspires me!
For Mr. Arthur Phillips, Author and Friend...Thank You for Writing, unlike any other
and *Here is Eudora Welty, one of my favorite Muses. She's a Southern Writer, but unlike any other...

*every* piece of Poetry I allow to sail or trundle its way through me.
always I dedicate to my beloved husband and SoulMate, Robin Taylor

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


To break.

                I break. I lie against thy Heart.
Refuse thy hug?  was ne'er my true intent;
solely stark fear to close mine eyes tis why -
pray help me shake this plastic revery!

I hug thee; for e'er sorrow not to've touched;
our physicality doth terrify;
( this spindly thread by which I cling to Life,
to yield to your love, most surely, I should die)


My Life's been kissed to glimpse these tortured times;
deep Mysteries surround my Soul's designs;
to Live beloved Lives, Love's spiraled streams...

but at this Moment:

My Heart pounds sinister Music
I pray for Reality's Magic 
Steel chains burn, sear, scorch my pale bare flesh!

Trees, Books, Cats, Birds, Food, Wine abound,
Gold - hewn Gifts to soothe an earth-grown body.
I see it all from my perch inside this plastic prison.

My darling,
He invited me in to dine;
He waited, a gentleman true; he walked tallest 'mongst men;
He waited, unaware, for his SoulMate,
and I appeared,
 an Imposter
luxurious inhalations; pure Dawn's roseate Air - (breathe breathe breathe!)
No longer mine.

gifts for my hypocrisy: 
shivers shake me!
 In Moments, the throngs will view a stoning.

my flawed Humanity...

I beseech thee, forest goddesses,
your eyes upon me, ever watchful, kind,
even in my shame-stained plunge...
I beseech thee, angels mine:
combine my Mind, my flesh, my bones,
so that I may be round again

I shall be Better.
My Life's been kissed to glimpse these tortured times;
deep Mysteries surround my Soul's designs;
to Live beloved Lives, Love's spiraled streams...
to Breathe, in Freedom, to glimpse Immortality....

I shall be better this Time.

Airborne for...

...ceaseless concentric Circles spiral;
Time shakes herself; 
 feathers fly; they escape, crystalline paperweights,
in sudden loquacious storming torments;
we float,
Airborne upon worlds of  Words' mighty Wings;
the errant plumes kiss Voices aWake;
 solely Her old eyes see...
celestial Music zooms and is quiet...
"LoveLoveLove," she sings..."Be Lit, BeLight, Awake! , sad Sky...
be lit
be Lit
  be Lit...

Be Lit.
flying, flying feathers everywhere, letters caught, letters leap!
  dusty deities' delicate hands;
every Word ever Spoken, ever Written, aLive!
 Each thought:  To Be Told...
Open eyes, tiny Creatures!  
You are the sentries of these Storming Words!
(they drape the Universe in hot feathered Stars,
kiss his ears as he Sleeps, as soft old Seas rock his Heart...)
ceaseless concentric Circles spiral;
Time shakes herself; 
 feathers fly, escape crystalline paperweights,
Airborne upon worlds of  Words' mighty Wings...