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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Saturday, November 12, 2011

for JDM, composed on FaceBook, one lonely Moment in between...

the brief Life & Volumes of Poetry by James Douglas Morrison Inspire me endlessly.
whilst he is not my only Muse, by far.  
A great many amazing Creators, Composers, Artists of myriad media live within these pages...but...

These Words are for  you, Jim

for JDM, composed on FaceBook, one lonely Moment in between...

Words...I am so tired & I can, at this Moment, speak more smoothly with my eyes, but...
May I be so bold as to invite you into my tiny Cave...
I try to lead toward the magic which haunts me...
This venue I offer will lead you to yourself, BeLoved Muse...
You smile astride another place where I roam free-er,  even within this "CyberSpace," ...

You so often aMuse me ...I will lead you to evidence,
whether or not you choose to accept my dubious invitation 
to the promotional page of a humble Poetess who prays to publish a tiny volume in the Future, 
2012 (but We really be so much older)...

In terms more audacious: my digital workshop (most of my work lies awaitin' in purple-covered, spiral-bound notebooks, all over my home) ...mi online workshop shows you have Inspired me...I mention you, while other times, I simply (complicatedly) smile upon you, blowing kisses into sweet wild Winds, and you guide me. More often, you Guide me in my longhand, Soul-scrawls, which burn to be told, but I know not to whom...

I can guide you to particular "posts,"...The cyber-page to which I invite you is but an entry to my cyber-workshop. Please forgive the ramble...I am so weary...of yesterday...
most humble thanks!

& I do so love you...
I pray our LifeTimes be simultaneous, somehow, someTime,
in the Circle which I see.....

PeaceLove&Smiles for Ever, CherylFaith

Eighteen Billion Gems in the Sky To Guide You: 
Please avail yourself of Life's abundant Joys. 
You do quite richly deserve. When I feel down, I find, unfailingly, that another sentient Being, or one of Nature's Miracles, shares a piece of Joy...sometimes I have to be very open...

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    november 1888, a raw Suite, several partes

    dos o tres partes de "raw Novembers"

    I didn't really believe you'd moved toward me;
    How could I bear this daze, feelings bruised Blue?
    hurts so...this Pain...
    Can it be borne... ?

    the breeze tilts the Trees' arms in whispers,
    insinuating rumours of loves
    to come and quietly leave
    so softly...
    Turn, mi damsel
    turn, turn, twirl,
    swirl, twirl, spin...


    A new kind of Poem
    where Words really rhyme;
    *only* Words will be tamed here...

    should Fear be thy mate,
    here be not thy sanctified humble home

    Surreal colours circle us - zoom!
    Do you see strange colors, too?
    Their Songs' fingers reach to push together...
    to form "Together"  -

    my fingertips, timid. upon your neck,
    two tiny pain kisses,
    azure, sooth-ed rouge...
    not until the dazed trainride home,
    did I remember

    my fingers' molecules
    attempting to touch you inside
    trying to know you more -

      whispered los colores: "melt into me...into me...into me..."
    They sought to meld us into One ?
    the achey Stars, our Energies,
    our pliant, suffering, swelled bodies
    Together, inside this Autumn Storm Together

    I shall never forget the Moment we first touched eyes
        no possible hiding...
    Words interrupt

    Words interpret our invisible, impossible conversation,
    as a bloodied knife, already shredding my Heart & me,
    dances in more deeply...

    Friday November 11, 2011 a little tweet I can't fit into 140 characters

    @selkiec @LucasWarWillow @JanetEGunn @Ysabeluna 

    Angel angel where art thou?
    so much Music to be sung!
      myriad moons beam , Skate the Skies!
    surround fae sounds o'er our rainbowed hills

    O! Magic Friends! :)

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    for Lady Luna

    Your fair flames light quiet Night's potent intrigue;
    Peace, silken fire, soothe me, hush my ache-torn Soul;
    I don't recall a Time tranquil tunes breathed,
    whispered soft news, stroked my tired racey brain.

    Grateful feels my Heart inside your love gaze;
    Your lunar ampitheatre fills my Soul;
    She who sees your mystifying Beauty
    Floats, Gifted, in this Night, you golden Globe.

    most humble graces to you, Lady Sky;
    your songs form colors, celestine symphonies!
    Your Dark reveals saints, angels, starry eyes,
    Floats, Gifting, Shining Night, your Golden Globe.
    Thank you for affording my brain the first crystalline, serene group of Moments  
    I can remember.
    Do you know how I wonder at your charm?

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    6 November, 2011
    Happy 8th BirthDay, my Beautiful Boy....
    Mommy Loves You!