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Neen and Grampa, Love You Always

Neen and Grampa, Love You Always



Angel Robin

Angel Robin
MANY of these photos are courtesy of my SoulMate, my Beloved Eternal, Robin Taylor.

We Meet Again...

We Meet Again...







Cathy's Babies

Cathy's Babies

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aztec Eyes , Canto I & Canto II + Thoughts While contemplating "Aztec Eyes," Canto III, while listening to my son throw toys & sing opera.

a work incomplete

Aztec Eyes , Cantos I & II , + Thoughts While Contemplating Canto III, while listening to my son throw toys & sing opera

Smooth velvet eyes glisten like Rain,
sparkle my face;
I am falling, tumbling, lost!

unholy Thunder rumbles - your hands!
brightest Lightning slices, shrieks!

Who would expect
ancient Aztec diamonds
Poetic lies inside your eyes...?
I never knew til Desert dearth descended on my Night.
Dawn, a dusty secret path, through
brambles, my ankles!
blood river writhes down MoonLit legs.
You move, unscathed,
hard pirate brave,

in mountain Night
I'm yours to save...
but your Heart hides beneath your Body;
you... slave!
If I were to speak these words aloud...


I follow you, tears unshed, to nowhere, to heavens

heartquakes pound, screams rhyme; your voice!
a god so beautiful as you
what could you want with me?
Let muscled hand Scorch, sear my face
I care not;
Am I not here ?
Our colours paint a forest face
a landscape foreign ancient new
Yet I have traveled here before,
Clandestine Nights, an older Life,
We slept beneath Her lemon tree
Awoke to suck limon verde
Morning, ripe for us to eat
Primordial cries of ecstasy!
la sierra madre dances, rumbles,
rules all Life, sings memories old,
Her horizon jagged, smoothed by Time
Her Secret Songs, the Life she sees!
ancient women weep in Her crevices..
Lovers secret, stolen bride
Time to leave my parents' home
Mi novio god, warrior mine,
I forever Give myself to thee
Please love me always
You make me weep
I hide inside the monte's brambles
Sshhh! he hears, dark wedded mine.
You knew not who I was, mi love,
Disguised, I was, in peasant's raiments
Waited centuries for you

Take me- but I yield not all;
Do you not hear the eagle's call?
You mount me as your spirited steed
Yet sooner take your whip to me
My Love, my lord, your sacred bride
My cries stay silent, you don't see
My restless Sleep in desert mount
My aching Soul, finally free ?
I fly to your embrace once more
The hells screech! Heavens! no escape
To feel your ancient Aztec eyes
weep diamond piercings on my breasts
You own my aching body new
Our Souls scream! struggle, intertwine
Forever Dance the Dream of Love

Who would expect, ancient Aztec diamonds
Poetic lies inside your eyes...?
I never knew til Desert dearth descended on my Night.
Behold a blinding DayLight Moon
Saguaro fruit bathe sweet your tongue
I suck the juice ripe from your lips
Thoughts revel in your drunkenness
Hear thunderous horses in the mount

Imagine! I am your bride anew!
My Soul, I vow, you shall not own,
My Soul to la sierra flies;
I'm but a woman in your eyes.

search Deeply ! Move your desert eyes!
your proud true ancient mothers - see?


I've flown once more,to ancient Mount
My Soul to stay

please do not call

For now they hold me, Mothers all
Your eyes, black diamonds, don't deceive
She who reaches out for me
Yet your dark dust Song , your sick sweet bruised love...
Whispers ancient threats
on the NightFall breeze
Tickles me ear, breathes ecstasy.
The mothers bathe me in rare, precious mountain brooks,
kissed by agua miel;
Honey water's baptism
soothes not to clean my crimson pride...

I could break through these ancient arms
to be with you, your humble slave
but I shall resist your eyes ... a Moment...

Even while I hear your pulsing pounding rhythm,
boldly quiet; soft and strong,
I remember why you hold me,
Rip through me with jeweled knives in your eyes

El Monte whispers lies to me?
You are no Warrior of old,
but a man who's told he holds dominion divine
a believer of faerytales, deceit an easy game...

Here across the Horizon, the Monte mothers hold me down...

Who would expect ancient Aztec diamonds
Poetic lies inside your eyes...?
I never knew til Desert dearth descended on my Night.

Song II/CantoII

Our Hearts SleepTouchSnake around each other.
Dreams, Nightmares...
Serpentine Twin-ed Hearts,
the Poison surfaces only in our separation;
I see you clearly now,
even as the Monte Mothers
remove the bindings, and
I am free to run to you;

Eighteen Nights my body safe,
in their Starry hold;
I promise, Mothers, Stars, The Mount,
The secret silent labrynthe Dawn;
my sinuous new fierce footfalls,
between your Skies, your waking Light
grown strong as warrior Morn's ignited Colours,
shall take me,

into his arms;
Mothers, your words live here in my Mind.

Your screams of ecstasy shake The Mount,
Your tiny death mirrored
Eight thousand times in MonteMadres' Eyes & Ears,
The Ancients shake in pleasure, in Knowing...
Moments slip by quickly, slowly,
Soon, mi amor, soon...
You, too, will hear
Dark mirrored screams,
A Song from MadreMonte's streams,
while bloody rivulets run again,
down too pale legs,
Be-brambled bites...
Soon you will know the Story, sweet love.
Who would expect ancient Aztec diamonds
Poetic lies inside your eyes...?
I never knew til Desert dearth descended on my Night.
The Sky lies in silent, dark color,
pregnant with your Story
el Monte sighs, all eyes...
Soon, mi amor.
Thoughts while contemplating "Aztec Eyes," Canto II, while listening to my son throw toys & sing opera

I hear the Songs now, like Poems
Whose voice, whose Mind now speaks to me?
I'm not afraid of the Unknown
Have no pain to realize
You are not like me-
You are Somewhere Else -
Please reveal yourself to me?

I cannot Sleep for your Voice in me
Food means nothing,
only Love
Lives strong within me
Love and Words
The Music The Music
My Muse My Muse

Dancing Strings Sing Screams inside me
Boil, scalding, toward the surface now
Near to heaven's sweet explosion
Sweet Tiny Death, I seek your sound...
but You whisper not...
No shy Muse, you,

The Music The Music
My Muse My Muse
Please reveal yourSelves to me?

I have a feeling I know who you are
But this admission
Means I'd acknowledge a NightMare real,
Desert Horses trampling through my weary brain


  1. Very eloquent and fluid too. Is this something you would sing and put music to? My only complaint is that the text color is not contrasted enough against the black background. Otherwise, a great read!

  2. hello. thank you very much for letting me comment. very good article I would like more information on this item

  3. Hi :) What type of information would you like? Thank you so much for reading my un-finished Cantos! :)

  4. To Obsidian Eagle: Thank you again for your lovely & helpful comments. Yes, I do hear the Music...I wish I had more Time...I shall return to this. I've replied to you in another place, but here I formally, belatedly (sorry) thank you from my Heart.

  5. thank u . for the correction as i am horrible speller. Allan

  6. Hi allan :)

    I don't recall correcting your spelling. I have done so to people I know well, but not to a new friend, never...Perhaps I *re*-spelled a Word you happened to Write? I was the 6th grade spelling-bee champion of..well, nowhere on most maps...I'm sorry & hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

    When my child is more occupied (or asleep) I will check into it & I do look forward to Reading more of your Writing.

    Thanks for visiting. :)
    Peace&Smiles, CherylFaith

  7. Wow I just love your writing so much,do I have your permission to repost some of your poems please,I am just starting to open my heart again to new people and I am trying to write now love,love,love oh ps its matt your new friend